Bliss is defined as complete happiness, and when we have cleared all blockages, released all aches and pains, filled our souls with love and raised our vibrations to the highest frequency, we will be in a state of bliss.


Quality and technique is the key element that Bliss Therapy utilizes to bring out your inner bliss. The experience is luxurious yet effective, and will leave you feeling refreshed and like new. It's a beautiful blend of bliss and therapeutic bodywork that allows for a deeper style of massage that is still completely relaxing. By gliding at a slower pace and allowing the muscle to release more naturally, the experience is more enjoyable and also more effective in achieving a complete muscular release.


Our technique compassionately allows the clients body to guide the therapist through the massage, paying careful attention to each muscles individual need, and providing an experience that helps the natural flow of the body. Regardless if it is your first time receiving a massage or if you have chronic pain that has built up over time, we have the ability to provide a solution that will bring out your inner bliss.


Christine Bills is the founder & owner of Bliss Therapy and lives in San Diego, CA.  She truly embodies a healing spirit and has constantly been helping others release their stress since she was a child. Whether it be with her family, her friends or the acquaintances that come in and out of her life; she has always been able to positively affect everyone that she comes in contact with.


In 2011 she became a licensed massage therapist through the International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego, CA. After receiving her LMT, she worked for various massage therapy offices and spas where she honed her skills and developed a style unique to the industry.  It is this specific style of massage therapy that she has used as the foundation for Bliss Therapy, providing a complete healing régime specifically tailored to her clients needs.


Much love & gratitude - Namaste

“I believe wholeheartedly that everything happens for a reason, and since I became a massage therapist in 2011, I feel that my life has been completely transformed in all of the best ways.  I am walking the path that I chose, not only for me, but also for everyone that I’m able to heal along the way. I was brought to this earth to share my positivity and shed my light on the souls that I’m fortunate enough to share my gift with, which fills me with more joy than I can express.  I hope that my intentions transfer into my clients experience because I am sincerely honored to be able to bring out the inner bliss of the lives of so many, while being completely blessed to do what I love!"

Christine Bills, LMT


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Bliss Therapy - Christine Bills, LMT

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